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Aside from the usual conspiracy nonsense, anyone who reads the Greta Thunberg tweet and has the slightest bit of common sense knows it means that if fossil fuel usage will not decrease in the next five years , climate change will wipe out humanity, not that humanity will end in 5 years

Ibrahim Ihsan

Ok, thanks for the info.
But for your information, fossil fuels are still vital for technology among many countries. Especially less economically stable ones.
You can’t expect them to ditch fossil fuels and start using whatever little money they have to fund for renewable energy now can you?
Furthermore, the first meme wasn’t really even a conspiracy.
If the only ideology that can justify religious lawlessness is secular liberalism, why won’t it eventually be used to justify ending gender?


Sure, but that’s a seperate argument, I am just pointing out of portraying the tweet in a certain way when it meant something else. And the conspiracies I was talking about are the usual COVID ones

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Maaz Ahmad Khan

You’re deaf, dumb and blind, Wayne. Japan has admitted that a case recently died due to the covid vaccine . Entire west is on lying spree blaming everything and anything for increased heart attacks except the very thing that was done a year ago : vaccinations.

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Western media are the same who critizes the Taliban based on no rational argument and throwing not just stones but bombs from a glass house at this point.
They don’t know what is a man or a woman, why sodomites don’t deserve a voice in the public space and if Allah exists yet they expect us to follow their human-made moral system that is not even based on philosophy but just random politics and propaganda from the “elites”.


Anyone with common sense knows what a woman or a man is.
Define what a man or a woman is.
Please take into consideration the new woke flavor of the day when you answer me.
I’d like to identify as a Rainbow Colored Turkish Delight, my pronouns are باطل and كافر
Earlier you identified as a left-wing hippie ideologically so you have to believe in transgenderism based on the hippie principle of “as long as it’s not harming anyone” “live and let live” “let’s smoke LSD and get run over by a car”


I get why you have to change the topic, it’s hard to defend how this page promotes misleading tweets


You appeal to common sense so I show you that common sense isn’t a thing you or the ideology you subscribe to is in possession of.
I don’t care if he’s wrong about Trump or Greta Thunberg, I actually care about Islam not about small details.
You on the contrary cannot even engage ideologically, rationally with Islam, you just keep complaining about left/right issues without seeing you have your head in the sand and can only see the world through this.
I pray that Allah guides you.

Zaid Diaz

You sound exactly like your father Joseph Stalin for some reason XD Centuries of fossil fuel usage didn’t wipe out humanity, and now humanity is gone in five years? Even your beloved battery-electric vehicles are somewhat dependent on fossil fuels. You know what, you communists are so paranoid, you find conspiracies in anything that doesn’t go with your opinion. This is peak USSR Communism, and you’re a relic of it.


Fun fact the right is on the same boat as the left they are just 10 years behind and have a different approach on how to maximize pleasure. But if you would stop seeing things through a left-right spectrum then you would have known that.


The domino effect meme was funny but it more or so started when people started to Lie about Jesus Pbuh and started to call him God or the son of God that’s when the domino effect that lead to the Protestant reformation the scientific revolution and the enlightenment and modernity to they/them happened. It’s all a product of Christian’s lying about Jesus and slandering him pbuh.