The West’s Active Abuse of Children

A recent story reported by USA Today highlights the troubling story of Shariya Small, a 14-year old girl who is a mother to preemie triplets.

The article reports:

The 14-year-old wasn’t ready to be a mother yet, to wake up at odd hours for feedings, to change diapers, to give baths, to buy tiny pairs of pajamas, bibs, bottles and blankets — not for one baby, let alone three.

Months after giving birth, Small was released from a neonatal ward at Community Hospital North in Indianapolis. She bundled her tiny trio for their journey back to Kokomo, Indiana. The babies’ teen father wasn’t in the picture.

There is no mention in the article regarding where Small’s parents are, but it seems as though they have no contact with her and that Small lives on her own.

A nurse who took care of Small’s babies in the NICU remained in contact with the mother, assisting Small with her babies until the Indiana Department of Child Services determined that Small and her babies needed to go into foster care. 

The nurse fostered both the mother and her three children, which enabled Small to find a school with a nursery in order to complete high school.

Tell me, how is this not child abuse? 

How can a 14-year old girl be expected to care and provide for not one; not two; but three newborn babies with no help from her family or a husband?

She is expected to care for three young children, complete her education, find a job, move out of her foster home and support herself and her three children financially.

On the other hand, if she were a Muslim girl who was married at 14 and had children, these hypocrites would point and scream at the “barbaric” Muslims who allowed something so “despicable” to happen to an immature 14-year old girl, who could not possibly be capable of consenting to having children and a husband that protects and provides for her and her children.

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There is nothing more barbaric than telling a young girl that she has the right to have sex outside of marriage, then simply abandoning her and forcing her to deal with the consequences all by herself.

Going through pregnancy, giving birth and raising children are most certainly not easy tasks, by any standards. It is a 24/7 job. This is precisely why Allah has not commanded women to work outside of their homes. He has provided women with a safe place where they can have children and raise them, with husbands to protect and provide for the household.

Feminism and sexual liberation have stripped all of that away from these pitiful young girls, convincing them that they can explore their sexuality freely, without any guilt or shame. When they are forced to confront the consequences of their actions, their boyfriend quickly turns on their heels and bails, and society cheers the single mother on.

“You can do it all!”

“You go girl!”

“You can raise these children and have a wonderful and fulfilling career at the same time!”

All of this is nothing more than a lie.

They are actively abusing children, and they are too blind to see it.

The West claims they are champions of children’s rights and that they are supposedly somehow authorities on how to raise thriving and healthy children who live complete and fulfilling lives.

They constantly go around lecturing everyone else and dictating to them what exactly a child can and can not consent to. They go to great lengths to emphasize how children absolutely CANNOT—under any circumstances whatsoever—consent to a marriage, neither physically, emotionally or mentally. According to the them, children can, however, consent to sexual relationships outside of marriage (and there in an increasing trend in child predators arguing that children can actually consent to sexual relationships with adults as well).

Well, I say that is child abuse.

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Kein Name

They are not blind to see this; they are just satanic and enjoy doing this to humanity.


Well said. This is a sinister agenda by these demons in power who want to spread their ideas everywhere. Ban marriage and encourage fornication, so that by the time it gets to marriage, they will be incapable of it, due to the damage that sex outside of marriage does to the heart and mind in forming a loving, committed relationship with rights and responsibilities within a marriage.

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Obviously, these satanists are done with the US now as they were done with Weimar Republic.

Haziq Farhan

When the U.S make this fornication culture common, what they will got? A weak society, weak community, weak family due to marriage and eventually weak individuals having to rely themselves in order to stay sane and strong. They don’t even believe in God, so then where do they draw their strength and motivation from? Nowhere!

It baffles me, how the elites that push this culture understand the logic that they can’t squeeze any cash out of their country when their people are weak

Truth seeker

Seems like a CIA project for mind control. How in the world can a 14 year old girl get away with it without any investigation. The children prob are some Pedophile’s, protected by the US govt. The nurse probably belongs to some witch coven. The children will probably be raised as mind controlled slaves to be used. Dajjals army is based on illegitimate vulnerable people raised in the nurseries of CIA. This may sound far fetched but somebody needs to read books on mind control experiments .


People should know about Project Bluebird , Project Artichoke and the last one the Project MKUltra. It’s pure evil what they did and are still probably doing.


I am Christian, and I agree, we need a theocracy, this society of no morals has crashed and burned. I would rather have a Muslim theocracy than this horrid “liberal theocracy”


It is a much worse form of child abuse to tell 3 year old children that they can change their gender.
These clowns who regard early marriage as one of the worst forms of abuse have no qualms about the avalanche of murdering children through abortion, teenage relationships and so on.


They should legalize adult men having sex with little girls. That way we can marry young girls even if we’re adult men like the prophet married Aisha when she was 6 and he was in his 40s.