Against the Feminization of Islamic Scholarship

Biologically-rooted female psychology is characterized by a tendency to constantly demand resources from men, while crying/complaining and emphasizing weakness/need. This is natural, for women are weaker than men and are dependent on them for resources – especially when they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or caring for young children.

What happens when women become Islamic religious scholars in significant numbers and begin to dominate Islamic religious institutions? What happens when Islamic scholarship becomes primarily concerned with and dictated by the sensibilities of women, i.e., feminization?

The feminization of Islamic religious scholarship is an unprecedented recent phenomenon encouraged by liberalism. But it is having an enormous effect on popular Islamic discourse.

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In virtually all cases, contemporary female Islamic scholarship — the kind that is promoted by Compassionate Imams and their Dawah Mafia, as well as modernist institutions in the Muslim world — centers on crying/complaining about the situation of women, emphasizing their weaknesses and needs. This is done to justify “reform” of Islam, which always entails men giving additional resources to women in the form of more “rights.” You will notice that so much of the drive for Islamic reform is generated by a concern for giving Muslim women the same kinds of “rights” that Western feminism affords women, e.g., “reproductive” rights, rights to divorce in marriage, rights regarding “abuse,” etc.

When it comes to this modern female “scholarship,” there is almost never any discussion of any other topic — such as explaining the beauty of Islamic ritual, or defending the historical authenticity of Quran/hadith, or combating attacks from atheists and non-Muslims, and so on. You will hardly, if ever, find these shaykhaz engaging in those discussions.

To be sure, there are some good female Islamic religious scholars who are worthy of respect and admiration, both past and present. Yet, generally speaking, these women faithfully transmit what they have learned from traditional male dominated institutions of Islamic learning. However, feminization produces a different situation, where the number of female teachers balloons and they end up dominating the fatwa councils, the madrasahs, the Islamic councils, etc. This creates a situation where Islamic learning and scholarship is no longer dominated by men. And the men who remain in those institutions have to be simps in order to survive. Simp has various definitions, but the way that I use it is:

Simp: A man who violates Islamic norms, either explicitly or implicitly, in order to appease feminist sensibilities, thinking of himself as doing something virtuous and praiseworthy. Synonyms: white knight, cuck.

The simps are afraid to transmit the authentic teaching of Islam that conflict with feminist sensibilities. They literally omit core Islamic teachings for fear of being “cancelled.” Or they water down these Islamic values beyond recognition. This is due to simping and also just plain old cowardice. These “scholars” and imams should not be considered men. Perhaps they are male, but certainly not men. They, too, have been feminized and their entire “dawah” should be understood as feminist appeasement.

Umm Khalid has written a scathing piece telling such feminized men to wake up.

Once a system of religious learning is feminized it rapidly self-destructs. It implodes into demands of crying women demanding more and more resources from men. All other ideas and norms are neglected, or made secondary to such demands.

In this sense, it can be said that feminization is a key weapon of secularization. Liberals constantly push for the greater inclusion of women in positions of religious scholarship and authority. They then sit back and watch while religious traditions self-destruct. This is what has happened to Christianity and Judaism, etc. Islam is the big target in this age.

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Ojo Eli

This is deep from Daniel Akinkanju aka Baba Khalid Oko mama Khalid. Well done.


Alright troll


“Neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful” [Al-Hujurat:12]
And there are ahadiths and plenty of material about it.
Not saying I’m perfect either but I don’t see the point of your comment.


Daniel Haqiqatjou when are you going to make the post-commentary on your debate with that feminist Murtad??.


What happens when women become Islamic religious scholars in significant numbers….”

We already know because this has happened with other religions.

You get an overemphasis on love, forgiveness and tolerance…which necessitates the watering down of the religion. You get a move away from moral objectivity towards moral relativism. Which causes moral decay and social disintegration. From there on forward you get liberalism….and eventually mass apostasy.


Women are naturally social beings. Because of their physique they seek strenght and protection in numbers. This causes them to be inclusivist. This causes them to lower their barrier of entry into their social group to a very low point (basically: be nice, have a good heart, don’t judge me etc.). A functioning religion is by definition exclusivist.


You also will see a move away from hierarchy and merit towards an egalitarian organisation/society based on diversity and inclusion. The situation now in the West is largely caused by the voting and purchasing (democracy and the consumer society) power of – single – women. And to a smaller degree gays. A situation like this isn’t sustainable in the long run. It’s either a u-turn back to traditionalism or extinction.