Question: What is a Muslim Skeptic?

Answer: A Muslim who questions the secular, materialistic ideologies of our day.

Question: What is the Intellectual Fulfillment Muslims should be seeking?

Answer: The feeling that one has knowing with full conviction that Islam is the highest Truth and the words of Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him, are the inimitable expressions of that Truth, above all else. This is not “blind faith.” This is deep faith through understanding, reflection, and thought.

So the question for you, dear reader, is: Have you tasted the sweetness of Intellectual Fulfillment? Have you joined the ranks of ulil albab, ulin nuha, ulil absar (i.e., those who possess understanding, intellect, insight)?


About the Author:

Daniel Haqiqatjou (pronounced: Ha-qee-qat-joo) was born in Houston, Texas. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy. He completed a Masters degree in Philosophy at Tufts University. Haqiqatjou also studies traditional Islamic sciences part-time. He writes and lectures on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and Modernity.

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