The Danger of Suspicion

"He knows best who is mindful of Him." The lead scholar of his time of the people of Sham, Makhul (may Allah have mercy...

The Earth is Spacious

يَا عِبَادِيَ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّ أَرْضِي وَاسِعَةٌ فَإِيَّايَ فَاعْبُدُونِ "O My servants who have believed, indeed My earth is spacious, so worship only Me."

Are We Angry for the Right Reasons?

A man slapped a mob boss's wife. The mob boss had the man killed, not because he loves his wife but because how dare...

Love of Islam or Love of Self?

Difference between: 1) I love my deen 2) I love myself first & foremost & these just happen to be my beliefs, so I...

Pride in Religion vs. Pride in Self

Sincere people take great pride in their religion. Insincere people take great pride in themselves and mask it as religious devotion.

Where Are You Going?

For some, the entirety of life is one long career advancement opportunity.

Check Yourself

Every now and then, the fog clears from the mirror and what's staring back at you is horrifying.

Tempted to Stop Praying

Someone told me that he is in a crisis. He is tempted to stop praying. Why? Because when he prays, he doesn't feel anything....

The Spiritual Benefits of Self Reliance

Of the practices of the righteous predecessors was reliance on Allah and then self reliance. If it was possible to accomplish something for themselves,...

Image Obsession and Shirk

Popularity is everything these days. Everyone is vying to be seen, heard, and known. People define their worth by how many followers they have,...