“Islam Is Transforming” And Other Idiotic Views from The Economist

The Economist has always been the less subtle, more in-your-face anti-Islam publication compared to the likes of the NYTimes, Washington Post, Atlantic, et al....

Just Run-of-the-Mill Satanism Being Promoted by the NY Times

Satanism has never been more popular thanks to the efforts of mainstream media. When people hear the world "Satanism," they think of blood rituals...

Chaos, Apostasy, Reform: Modern Challenges to Islam


The Incoherence of Moral Progress

Liberal secular progressives (including humanists, atheists, reformists, etc.) think there is nothing wrong with morality changing over time and view it as a natural,...

The Liberal Program Against Islam and Muslim Society


Good Without God? Do We Need Religion to be “Good People”?

Do we need religion to be "good people"? No. In actuality, we specifically need Islam to be good people. Yes there are good people of other faiths,...

Holding Hot Coals Podcast | Coffee with Karim

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What Is Liberalism?


Restructuring Muslim Thought for the Modern World


Who Are Liberals Exactly?

Clarification on Liberalism When I criticize liberalism, my target isn't the political left. Liberalism can mean one of two things: 1) political liberalism in the sense...


The Innate Fitra in the Heart of Every Newborn Child!

Conversation over kids' lunch I overheard just now, between my oldest child (8.5) and my youngest (3): 8-year-old: خالد، فيه الله ؟ "Khalid, is there Allah?" 3-year-old: آه. "Yes." 8-year-old: صح. انت...

Monday Memes | Take 39

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Why Would We Trust Science Over Islam?

So much deviance in the Muslim community in modern times has been due to the influence of science and scientific epistemology. For example, reformists outright...

Meeting the Emotional Needs of Your Children

Show your child love and warmth. Your child needs your nurturing, soft touch as much as he or she needs food. Not that it's a competition....

Senegal Protests and the Western Terrorization of African Muslims

The recent protests in Senegal demonstrate the type of local crises taking place that foreign-backed governments in Africa seek to quell. They are examples...

11 Signs You Are a Liberal Reformist Activist in Muslim Garb

We should support (and aspire to be) Muslim activists who: 1. Oppose political tyrants 2. Help the poor and needy 3. Defend the wrongly accused 4. Fight for...