I’m Not a “Good Muslim,” But I Really Am!

I'm noticing this trend of articles written by Muslims and people who claim to be Muslims where they complain about and reject the media's...

Muslims Are the Main Victims of ISIS

Remember ISIS? Since May 2014 and throughout 2015, there has been an ISIS related attack in a Western country nearly every month. So far,...

More Double Standards on Israel

Mainstream Media: We need to be OUTRAGED that Russia influenced our elections! Logic: Israel has been heavily influencing our elections for decades. Mainstream Media: You disgust...

Credulity is an Asset

In the age of misinformation, credulity is a valuable resource. Don't give it up for a cheap price.   https://www.facebook.com/haqiqatjou/posts/1639316102953772

Viral Knowledge

Has a 30 page research article ever gone viral? What does that say about the state of our public discourse?   https://www.facebook.com/haqiqatjou/posts/1873552722863441

Faux-Experts on Sharia

People without the first clue about the sharia writing at length about how other people harbor myths about the sharia.   https://www.facebook.com/haqiqatjou/posts/1776041749281206

Not-So-Innocent Media

At what point does popular media stop merely reflecting social norms but actively shaping them?   https://www.facebook.com/haqiqatjou/posts/1614111978807518

Keeping You Misinformed is Their Job

Mainstream media aims to be as relevant as possible to as many people as possible for the simple reason that more viewers mean more...

Get the iCondemn App Today!

This is a satirical piece I did earlier in the year in response to the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Seems as relevant as ever today. I...

Wrapping Our Language in a Liberal Veneer Gets Us Nowhere

Egypt, Turkey, and the Will of the People We judge rulers and governmental institutions by their actions and whether those actions conform with justice as...