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[WATCH] Post-Debate Commentary – Liberalism vs. Islam


Monday Memes | Take 73

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[WATCH] Does Liberalism Require Domination of Islam? DEBATE


Women Have Been Lied To

Women have been lied to. Continuously, for a long time. By a lot of people working together for their own interests to deceive women...

Palestinian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strikes

The world could learn a lesson or two from the resolve Palestinians show against the Israeli apartheid state. Aljazeera: Palestinian prisoners held without trial or charge...

[WATCH] Is This the Future You Signed Up For?


Europeans Celebrate the Fall of Al-Andalus and Make Fools of Themselves

This 2nd January marked the 530th anniversary of the fall of Granada, the loss of the Emirate in 1492 effectively ending some seven centuries...