How To Be Consistent with Prayer

Think about this unintuitive statement: Doing something 100% of the time is easier than doing it 90% of the time. Think about prayer. If...

Don’t Secularize Islam. Islamicize Secularism

Some think that it is important to secularize Islam, to bring Islam into conformity with the modern world by modifying or excising those aspects...

Why Are Progressives Now Defending Sharia?

lol when Muslim progressives who made their careers out of attacking the sharia and undermining its sanctity all of a sudden are standing up...

True Fiqh and Husn al-Dhann for Past Ulama

The ulama are the most worthy of our husn al-dhann. But we live in the age of nafs. The nafs pulls people to question...

Anti-Sharia Muslims

If you're a Muslim and say that you're "anti-sharia," you're either deeply confused, deeply stupid, or deeply misguided.

Liberation Defined

Liberation is a universal value. After all, what else is Paradise? How to achieve liberation. That's where the disagreement lies.

Permissibility is not a Green Light

Just because something may be religiously permissible (mubah) doesn't mean it's not totally stupid.

Religion Used to Reform Sinners…

"On Progressivism: Religion used to reform sinners, now sinners reform religion." - Sh. Hisham Mahmoud

Faux-Experts on Sharia

People without the first clue about the sharia writing at length about how other people harbor myths about the sharia.

Beware of Gender Mixing

Gender mixing is not the root of all evil but it's certainly the root of a lot of it.


Will We Listen, Obey, and Implement? COVID and the New World

My dearest Muslim brothers and sisters, In the Name of Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful. Peace, blessings, and salutations upon Habibullah, Muhammad, his family and his...

Instead of Hours of TV, Try These 5 Lockdown Activities with Your Muslim Kids

During this time of lockdown and quarantine, tired parents are scrambling to figure out how to keep their kids occupied and generally quiet while...

Can Porn Destroy Your Faith?

How Compassionate Imams Sneak LGBT Normalization into our Mosques

Any "conversation" or "debate" on "whether or not to ally with LGBT groups and support their cause" is a distraction. It is a distraction...

9 Expressions Muslims Should NEVER Use  

Should I Study Islam Traditionally or Academically? Modernist Distortions

إِنَّ هَذَا العِلْمَ دِيْنٌ؛ فَانْظُرُواْ عَمَّنْ تَأخُذُوْنَ دِيْنَكُمْ “Indeed this knowledge is the religion, so be careful about whom you take your religion from.” -...

Ideological Subversion of Islam [VIDEO]