Reading List

Here is a small selection of book recommendations from MuslimSkeptic founder Daniel Haqiqatjou:

These may be worth reading if you are interested in the following topics. Obviously, we at MuslimSkeptic do not endorse everything that is in these books. Basically, they are useful in terms of critiquing Western ideologies.

Book Daniel Haqiqatjou:

The Modernist Menace to Islam: A Muslim Critique of Modern -Isms

Bangla Translation can be ordered here.

Philosophy of Science

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

  • This is the #1 philosophy book I recommend for anyone interested in being a Muslim Skeptic. Once you understand how the seemingly most solid, unquestionable discipline of all time, i.e., science, can be fundamentally critiqued, then no other modern ideology, namely, the ones that conflict with Islam, stands a chance.

Against Method

  • This important book in the philosophy of science is great for debunking the supposed rationality of the “scientific method.”


  • Objectivity is an important concept used in the debates on atheism vs. religion. Science is objective, religion is not, we are told. But objectivity has its own history and is not as unimpeachable a concept as many would like.

Feminism and Sexuality

The Myth of Male Power

  • Is the patriarchy really this all-powerful force that has been oppressing women for all time, in all cultures? This book has plenty of salient facts to speak to this question and ultimately overturn much of the feminist dogma that has been forced down modern society’s throat.

A Return to Modesty

  • A valuable critique of the sexual revolution from a religious perspective and a rational one. This is a fun read.

The Manipulated Man

  • Don’t read this if you are easily triggered. It is extremely subversive and was very controversial when it first came out. That being said, I really love this book.

Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?

  • Another book by the author of The Myth of Male Power. More important facts to bring to the whole feminism debate.

Before Homosexuality

  • Read this to understand the history of how Muslim societies and scholars conceived of same-sex behavior before the Western notion of “homosexuality” was coined in the 19th century.

Gender Trouble

  • Judith Butler takes feminist thought to its logical but deeply disturbing conclusion: “Biological sex” is a social construction. This is a very influential book and it is discursively useful in arguing against the feminist project because, among other things, it shows the self-defeating nature of feminism as a system of thought.


The Experience of God

The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology

Why Does the World Exist?

The Devil’s Delusion

Liberalism and Secularism

There Is No Such Thing as Free Speech

  • A great extended argument made by Stanley Fish. Critical reading if you want to understand the issue from a deeper philosophical perspective that avoids all the useless cliches and chest-beating of “freedom-loving” patriots and liberal activists alike.

The Impossibility of Religious Freedom

  • This book provides a useful critique of religious freedom. It doesn’t go as far as it could, but still valuable.

The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse

  • Love this book. Must-read.

Formations of the Secular

Islam in Liberalism

The Impossible State

General Philosophy

Philosophical Investigations

  • I don’t recommend this book unless you’re already fairly familiar with analytic philosophy. That being said, it is arguably the greatest work of philosophy of all time, full of amazing insights and mind-bending reflections on the nature of philosophy, language, thought, and meaning. It is also a work that virtually no one understands.

The Claim of Reason

Must We Mean What We Say?

The Threefold Cord

The Order of Things

The Blue and Brown Books

  • More Wittgenstein. Read this before you read Philosophical Investigations.


What Darwin Got Wrong

Darwin’s Dilemma

Signature in the Cell

Mind and Cosmos

  • A prominent atheist philosopher admits that evolutionary naturalism is bogus. This book made many atheists very angry.

The Non-Darwinian Revolution

Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker