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Harris (la’anatullahi ‘alaih) is actually a really dumb schmuck, so much that he even comes across as if he’s not even well versed with his own murtad ideology and is paid and pushed to debate Muslims. I just saw half hour of it from the middle.

Daniel, why do you keep your camera reversed?


Who do you think was worse Apuss or Harris?


Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
Quran 2:7

Why do these so called ‘ex-muslims’ always look like they’re either alcoholics or chronically depressed?

At the start of the debate Harris compared Saudi Arabia to Japan and a few other countries in regards to homicide. According to him Saudi Arabia has a higher number of homicides. Of course there are many factors that come into play, a very important one is: median age. Japan (and the European countries he mentioned) are hyper ageing societies – basically huge open air retirement homes. The median age in Japan today is almost 50. For Saudi Arabia it is around 30. Nearly a 20 year age difference. Crime is largely the business of young men…particularly crimes that involve killing and murder.

Add to this the individualism induced by modernization and westernization (which kills sense of duty, responsibility and loyalty) and you’ll see an increase. Ironically enough particularly crimes and acts that victimize women like sexual harassment and sexual assault. Which by the way are of epidemic proportions in the countries he compared to Saudi Arabia…like Japan.

Funny how emotional he got when you mentioned something unflattering about his prophet Richard Dawkins. At that moment you could really see how emotionally invested Harris is in Dawkins.

This enlightened soul mentioned he values family but sees no point in marriage……….How are you going to have stable functional families without marriage? Social research has time and again pointed out that marriage is far more likely to produce healthy stable family life than cohabitation.

He mentioned his concern over overpopulation (something atheists seem to have in common) and thus wants to put serious restrictions on procreation. How does he rhyme this with valueing family……and more importantly with his believe in evolution?

His view of how human life and society should be is truely dystopian. What it practically comes down to is you at the age of 40 sitting by yourself in a shoebox sized apartment on the third floor spending more than half your income on rent. Ordering genetically modified vegetarian food for diner. Masturbating yourself to sleep every night to internet pornography and maybe visiting your parents once every month or two in the old people’s home. You have no real life connections. You’re connected to internet and YouTube personalities like Richard Dawkins. You’re basically a play doll… you eat, sleep and defecate and not much more.

Compare this to Islam where you have clear purpose, meaning, direction, family and community. Your wealth is protected against inflation and overtaxation….and most importantly your honor and dignity are safe. You don’t have to delay getting married until you’re too old. You can marry at the appropriate time so you don’t have to fall into dishonorable and undignified behaviour. You aren’t forced to be and incel/MGTOW/feminist what ever. You can be a man and a woman can be a woman. You can have babies the natural way…instead of the laboratory. In short: you can be a proper human instead of a robot.


All of the things that you Say about what islam is compared to the non-Islamic alternative, you can do all that 100% legally in the west, especially in America, and no one has the right to prevent you living that natural Islamic lifestyle… Just look at the Amish, Mennonite and Haredi people living peacefully a lifestyle similar to traditional Islamic lifestyle, in their insular village communities in harmony with nature. I don’t understand why this blog and the commenters here keep on ignoring them when they and their social values, culture and lifestyle (not including their theological beliefs and rituals) are exactly what the Muslim Skeptic specifically promotes. All that Muslims need to do is copy them and make an Islamic version of what they are already doing.


This guy is worse than Apuss.


The communities you mentioned are tiny. They also have very high rates of people leaving the community. In theory it may be legal, practice is something wholly different. The Haredi’s are yet a different story. They are connected to the country’s political and business elite…they aren’t going to be messed with lest you want to be accused of anti-semitism and lose your livelihood.

Another huge difference is: the groups you mentioned are all of one ethnicity, language and culture. Haredi’s are overwhelmingly of Eastern European stock. Amish and Mennonites are of Germanic stock. They all share one common language: Yiddish and Pennsylvania Dutch. Even with these factors in play many of their young are swalllowed up by the mainstream culture. See for instance the addiction to meth and cocaine among young Amish.

I do agree that the US has more freedoms than Europe. But those freedoms can easily become a double edged sword. This might explain why muslims in less free Europe tend to be – on average – more religious compared to their American counterparts. America seems to be a seductive environment which few are able to escape from.