Zionist Settler-Colonialism and Its Relation to Jewish Sacred Texts

Zionist settler-colonialism is one of the last openly neo-imperialistic processes in the current world.

Yet, the liberal West – which prides itself in its human rights doctrine so much so that it has to bomb Muslims countries for it – remains passive in front of this continuing crime.

CNN recently reported :

Israeli settlers in a convoy of cars rampaged through a Palestinian town in the West Bank near Nablus on Monday evening, marking the latest in a string of violent incidents involving settlers in recent months.

The irony is that they were celebrating the release of another Zionist neo-imperialist who assaulted Palestinians:

The group of settlers, who according to local reports were celebrating the release from prison of a man convicted of assaulting Palestinians, threw rocks through windows of businesses and vehicles, injuring at least one person.

“Last night a march of settlers came from Zaatara towards Huwwara driving their cars. They attacked houses, shops and cars,” Huwwara’s mayor, Mueen Al Dmeidi, told CNN.

The Zionist military confirmed these testimonies:

“The confrontation began when a number of Israeli civilians drove into the village and threw stones, causing significant damage to businesses and vehicles,” according to the military statement.

The CNN report also implies that, obviously, these Zionist settler-colonialists don’t have to fear the judiciary, as nothing will happen to them.

But why are these attacks so frequent?

Why aren’t they punished as they should?

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The Talmud on the Property of Non-Jews

So, why can Zionists just drive cars onto Palestinians’ property and cause all kinds of damage and harassment, without risk of any sort of punishment?

The answer might be found in the Talmud, the main religious scripture of Jews along with the Hebrew Bible.

Let’s look at the Bava Metzia, a much-commented tract from the Babylonian Talmud which concerns itself with civil matters as a whole, including property law.

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Therein we read in 114b (the translation is from a well-known, authoritative Jewish website) :

The amora proceeded to ask Elijah a different question and said to him: Is not the Master a priest? What is the reason that the Master is standing in a cemetery? Elijah said to him: Has the Master not studied the mishnaic order of Teharot? As it is taught in a baraita: Rabbi Shimon ben Yoḥai says that the graves of gentiles do not render one impure, as it is stated: “And you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are man” (Ezekiel 34:31), which teaches that you, i.e., the Jewish people, are called “man,” but gentiles are not called “man.”

So, as per one of the most influential rabbis in Jewish history, one can desecrate a non-Jewish cemetery (and thus property in general) simply because non-Jews happen to be non-humans.

Also notice how the rabbi’s interpretation of that verse from the Torah doesn’t seem to even make sense.

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This is just few lines from the Talmud about the property of non-Jews, but one could easily multiply the Talmudic injunctions on this matter.

Basically the Jewish State of Israel won’t stop these Zionist settlers destroying Palestinian property simply because that would go against the Talmud.

When rabbis require Jews to not rent to non-Jews, it’s also done in this religious context.

So, how is the secular, liberal, and humanist West allowing Zionist settler-colonialism to continue unchecked, especially when it is grounded in illiberal and racially supremacist religious beliefs?

Editor’s Note: Not all Jews believe in the racial supremacist doctrines of the Talmud. Many moderate and peaceful Jews denounce the Talmud, Rabbinic Judaism, and Zionism as a whole. These moderate Jews should be praised and appreciated for their brave stance against the Zionist project.

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