The Mantra of Critical Race Theory in the Shadows of Victimhood

“Ibram X. Kendi” (not his real name), an author and university teacher (attached to the newly formed Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University), is someone The New York Post calls “corporate America’s critical race theory guru.”

He recently wrote an article for The Atlantic entitled “The Mantra of White Supremacy,” where he dismisses the fact that being “anti-racist” means being “anti-White,” an equation he says resonates in the minds of those who criticize Critical Race Theory (or CRT).

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But what is intriguing is the title of the article and the use of the religious terminology, “mantra.” This is interesting considering that CRT itself seems to be a parody of religion.

What makes CRT significant is that it is embraced by elite America (Big Tech, academia, business world, US Army, etc.), as such:

Kendi’s core thesis — that racism is the single, self-evident cause of racial differences in everything from school grades to incarceration rates to income and thus must be rectified using “antiracist discrimination” — reiterates critical race theory’s basic concepts. Kendi’s “gift,” in other words, is for translating ivory-tower theories into media- and corporate-friendly narrative.

In fewer words, CRT is an ideology which sees everything in racial terms and hierarchy, exclusively targeting “White Supremacy.” An analogy can be made here. The Muslim sees societal interactions, economics, moral philosophy, etc., in terms of Iman versus Kufr. Analogously, CRT sees everything in terms of anti-racism versus racism. Not-so-analogously, CRT sees racism plaguing every domain of human affairs.

It is this outlook which produces phenomena like the radical activism of BlackLivesMatter (BLM) or tragicomic critiques of celebrations such as Thanksgiving.

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If Ibram X. Kendi is the one to have popularized CRT, the one to have conceptualized it was Charles W. Mills, a Caribbean philosopher who passed away in September 2021 and who basically criticized European liberal thinkers (Locke, Kant, etc.) and their views of race. Mills claimed that the whole of Western political philosophy promoted “white domination.”

Yet, Mills, despite his critique of Europe’s liberal philosophers, also said that liberalism, or more precisely left-liberalism, would be the cure to the disease of racial injustices.

How is this not a clear contradiction?

And CRT is obviously a movement of the left, or more precisely what American political scientist William Galston sees as “neo-Marxist,” quoting from the “guru” himself:

Critical race theory’s popularizers have done the movement no favors. In his bestselling book, “How to Be an Anti-Racist,” Ibram X. Kendi bluntly asserts that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” If prescriptions such as Mr. Kendi’s come to be seen as the inevitable consequence of critical race theory, the movement will end in failure.

“Left-liberal” or “neo-Marxist,” CRT is ultimately an ideology which goes against the basic tenets of Islam, though obviously Islam is opposed to treating other unjustly on racial or ethnic grounds. In sum, our religion doesn’t push discrimination in the name of race, nor does it promote a reduction of all matters to questions of “anti-racism.” Islam does not deem all hierarchies as immoral or oppressive, let alone racist. It is this unhealthy culture of victimhood created by CRT and its “mantra” of “White Supremacy,” which is objectionable to Muslims, in spite of the fact that Muslims condemn White Supremacy.

To make matters worse, this victimhood that CRT activism and theory promote will always seek to defend the so-called “oppressed,” including LGBTQ+ activists, radical feminists, and so on, as CRT embraces “intersectionality,” which aims to unite the so-called struggle of all “minorities.”

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We read in Qur’an 49:13:

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allāh is the most righteous [literally, “he who has the most taqwā,” i.e., consciousness and fear of Allāh, piety and righteousness] of you. Indeed, Allāh is Knowing and Aware.

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I’m not very familiar with this thing called CRT, so I’m learning about it for the first time from you, so forgive me for my ignorance or if I make any mistake here. But I notice the way you describe it sounds somewhat similar to the vaccine agenda that you call the “vaccine religion” and what I call the religion of Sodomism.

In all these new modernist political ideological religions, they invent a scapegoat or bogeyman, or something that they repeatedly insist is evil and teach us to blindly hate (whether it is called covid, white supremacy or homophobia/transphobia), and they insist that the only way to resist that evil bogeyman is to consume heavy dose of the medicine that the woke liberals prescribe.

The way that the CRT-promoters see everything and everyone in binary terms of “racist” or “anti-racist”, sounds a bit like how 20th century communists used to see everything and everyone in terms of their binary of “lower class/proletarian/workers” and “upper class/bourgeoisie/capitalist”, and they used to impose their heavy handed brutal communist rule as their only solution or medicine to the class problems they imagine. It is also similar to how Sodomists (pro-LGBT people) categorize everyone as either gay or straight or bisexual or homophobic. Or maybe like how followers of the vaccine cult since last year classify everyone as either Vaccinated, unvaccinated or anti-vaxxer.

These modernist political religions in keep on inventing new terminology and new ways to classify and categorize everyone, to try and demonize or persecute those they disagree with and to polarize society and make people hate each other. I’m sure that soon a new woke political religion will emerge which starts dividing categorizing everyone in binary terms that we haven’t even thought of yet.