Another French Election, But Muslims Know the Truth

Today in France, thousands of worshippers are marching to the nation’s temples.

Devotees gather at the polling stations with devout hearts to use the ballot boxes that are there, erected like totems.

Many participate in this republican ritual that will decide who will be the new deity for the nation.

It is the day of the presidential elections.

This day is crucial for these secularists and, some would even say, historic.

Indeed, specialists agree that this election is crucial for France. The previous five years have bruised the pillars of the Republican faith so much!

After the Yellow Vest crisis, the state of emergency to counter terrorist strikes, and then the covid crisis, what is left of the fundamental freedoms and values of the Republic?

The hearts of millions of French people are full of hope and full of fear.

Will Zemmour put an end to immigration?

Will Mélenchon solve France’s misery?

Will Le Pen defeat the “Islamic threat”?

Woe betide! These hopes are only vain disillusions.

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At the ball of idolatry that France represents, the main idol is the election itself.

When the French think that it is the ballot that forges the country’s history, they are doubly deluded.

They forget that power is entirely Allah’s.

And they forget that it is only when we change ourselves that Allah changes our situation.

This day will, therefore, not change the disastrous trajectory that France is following, despite the religious attachment of the French to the principles of the Republic.

In five years, the same ritual will be perpetuated again – God willing – based on the same perpetual principles that transcend democracy and secularism.

Here we are today, at the end of a long election campaign, and the first round results will be presented tonight at 8 PM – Paris Time.

We will keep you posted on the outcome.

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