Legalized Child Kidnap: How Sweden Is Attacking Muslim Families

Image: The Arabic hashtag #اوقفوا_خطف_اطفالنا (stop kidnapping our children) has recently gone viral speaking up for the unheard pain. Yet, the Swedish media labeled the complaints as "misinformation." (source: Ms. Verses)

Dr. Tumadir contributed to this article.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ couldn’t have been more correct when he compared Allah’s mercy to that of the most merciful creature, the mother.

Now has come a time, however, when secular authorities claim this role for themselves. It is they, they assure us—not the mother (or the father)—who know best and know how to treat children with the mercy they need. Your daughter feels like a boy, you let her live her fantasy or face the penalty. You’re not happy with what your school is teaching your young kids about sex and gender, keep your voice low or prepare to be investigated for terrorism.

The Swedish Children and Young Persons Act (LVU) was first legislated in 1990. It permits workers of Social Services to forcibly remove children from their parents. Earlier in 1979, domestic corporal punishment was prohibited, giving legal grounds for forced child removal. The law requires numerous procedures before the child is finally taken, but the impunity enjoyed by Social Services has led to countless violations.

Although non-Muslims like George Touma have made significant efforts in exposing those crimes, it was the global Muslim community that recently made the hashtag #اوقفوا_خطف_اطفالنا (“stop kidnapping our children”) go viral after suspecting religious persecution. The tarnished image of Sweden has forced its officials to blame “radical Islam” for the “terrorist” campaign. On the ground, afflicted families from all around Sweden gathered to protest in front of the Swedish parliament in Malmö.

The fact that non-Muslims in Sweden are facing the same torture doesn’t make it any less of an inhumane practice. Increasingly, more child protection laws are being legislated in the West. Unjust child removal is not limited to Sweden.

This liberal child protection program fundamentally questions the role of biological parents in providing instinctive care and protection for their children. The liberal secular agenda insists that biological parents have no special and unique relationship of care and authority over their children over and above any “trained” social worker. This is a dark lie against human nature.

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The Context of Child Removal

The official Swedish account has always held the parents responsible for their children’s removal. Parents are allegedly accused of their parental incompetence due to incidental domestic violence. There are a plethora of codes in Swedish family law that can be violated simply as a result of traditionally following Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. For instance, controlling a child’s sexual behavior by teaching them chastity or modesty is labeled as “honor-based” violence[1].

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In many cases, when Swedish Social Services found a reason to remove a child, all siblings were immediately removed. The children are commonly taken to different cities, separated from their siblings, and sparingly allowed to communicate with their parents and only in the presence of a social worker.

When do the Social Services intervene?

Not all parents know exactly how social services come to know about their private matters. However, some of the means suspected include reports from neighbors, ex-wives/husbands, and teachers at school. Based on witnessed incidents, anyone in public will report alleged physical violence seen in the street or even the suspected “psychological instability” of parents who, for instance, show a moment of anger on a phone call.

Obviously, some children report abuse themselves, but how seriously should one take a five-year-old’s account? This was the case with Ola Al-Haajj whose younger sister’s fake story led to their six years of abduction. You can expect children to come up with such stories under continuous interrogations by teachers in an atmosphere that encourages children to consider parents as bad influences on their lives.

The irony of this all is that many of the removed children have reported the indifference of the social services when they complained about more serious violence at foster homes.

Is LVU justified?

There are probably extreme cases in Sweden of drug-addicted or divorced parents who can’t take proper care of their children, but 32,000 child removal cases in a year raise many questions.

Eissa Eissa, a former executive at the Swedish Social Services, resigned after the recent incidents. In this interview, he admits that 80% of the child removal cases are unnecessary because they “don’t have enough time” to thoroughly investigate each case.

Regardless of the numbers, why are the children not transferred to a relative’s home? Why are they not hosted by families with a similar religious background? Why are migrant children removed before educating the parents about LVU? Why are there no parental rehabilitation programs for incompetent parents? And, what justifies removing a newborn child from the hospital?

The Authenticity of Victim Claims

This section is dedicated to those who are still denying the situation just because the reports sound to them like outlier “individual cases.” How many stories do we need to hear before believing that a grave injustice has been taking place?

Al Bukhari has classified the foundational Hadith about intentions as authentic although it was passed down through a single chain of narrators (Ahad آحَاد ). A narration is not judged by the number of its narrators, but rather by evidence. Still, if a narration has been repeatedly reported, it probably has more strength (Mutawatir مُتواتِر).

If, for some reason, you can’t manage to believe dozens of recorded claims of victims, then at least demand an official investigation. Let’s not simply dismiss the pain of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Activist Zainab Lateef founded a dedicated organization in Sweden and a Facebook group consolidating many parents’ accounts of being affected by Sweden’s policies related to childrearing. After the recent protests, she has been anonymously accused of mistreating her children, who had earlier fled the country with their father anticipating such false accusations. In this interview, Lateef reports ten out of many child removal cases that she has been legally following.

The first case features Mohammed’s mother who lost her four children to Social Services after Mohammed reported a beating incident to a mentor who was assigned to contact him regularly. As a ten-year-old, he was taken to live with a single twenty-three-year-old man living alone in a small apartment. After he turned fourteen, he managed to escape the apartment and report four years of rape, beating, and verbal violence. This claim was approved by the medical examiner who herself filed a complaint against Social Services when she saw his body’s state.

Mohammed’s mother was divorced, making her more vulnerable to having her children taken by the Swedish authorities. I was able to trace single motherhood as a condition in many of the cases. The tragedy is that Social Services essentially allows women to fall into this trap promising them custody over their children. By dismissing the father’s custody, the mother can be later accused of emotional or financial instability, and the child can get easily removed because he has no other legal guardian.

Lateef reports the story of a mother who fled to Sweden with her children only to lose them to Social Services. The state’s narrative is that the mother was held responsible for domestic violence in the home that she could have stopped by divorcing her husband long before she arrived. As we all know, however, such situations are rarely so easily and quickly stopped. Similarly, in this movie, Ioanna (39:30) reports that the Social Services demanded that she divorce her husband as a precondition for returning her children. The mother never mentioned any abusive behavior from her husband, however.

We can see that women are made independent from their male guardians only to become fatally dependent on centralized organizations that later manipulate them. Women and children alike—the most vulnerable—are empowered against their protectors, making them easy victims of the Swedish state.

The Swedish Response

The global Muslim community compiled a list of demands from the Swedish authorities in this petition.

Instead of promising an investigation into the “few” extreme cases, the official Swedish response was to blame “extreme” Muslim groups for organizing a terrorist campaign. It has described the circulated videos showing crying children as “misinformation” that were “taken out of context.” But, it’s important to know the context in which these authorities are operating in.

The Swedish authorities have also pressured Facebook to block activist accounts and censor the “misinformation.”

Swedish media has denounced the former politician, Ove Svidén, whose book is a solid reference on the violations of LVU.

Social Services refused to comment on “individual cases” when faced with the claim of Mariah Al-Muttawkil. Her son had reported a minor conflict over video games at home. Immediately, Mariah’s three children, including her three-month-old baby, were removed without prior notice. Lateef reports that the baby was returned three months later in a severe health situation by a social worker who got fired for this act of mercy.

Dark Motives of Abduction

Even if we were to assume good intentions behind LVU, assigning absolute legal power to a single entity is always a risky initiative. When legislating such authority, one should consider the potential damage incurred if it was to fall in the wrong hands.

This is the view Imam Malik held when he refused the reconstruction of the Kaaba’s sanctuary so that preceding Muslim rulers don’t reconstruct as per their desire. Corruption is an expected outcome of any centralized, man-made system. Islam is essentially decentralized in its teachings, and it holds individuals accountable, not unchecked institutions.

Corruption can only be hidden for so long. Perhaps, the financial benefit is the most prevalent and understandable among child abduction motives (19:25). The Social Services function independently above the law (53:18). Foster families and homes are paid huge sums of money for each child they foster (1:01:32). They are not required to demonstrate specified competencies, but rather receive the children based on their connections with social workers (56:43).

Eissa Eissa reports the case of a social worker who removed a Syrian mother’s children after attending a birthday party. The worker sent the children to live with her friend whose boyfriend was a drug addict. Financial benefits are also involved in bribes as well as assigning translators and lawyers required for the legal procedures.

Money is not the only motive. The most horrifying scenario is the one documented by Ove Svidén in his book. He claims that children are trafficked and sold to rich pedophiles or pharmaceutical companies for experimentation.

Perhaps the government aims to replace its aging population. Are larger Muslim families a solution to the low birthrate in Sweden? The liberal war on traditional family values and feminine roles has led to the collapse of marriage and family, thus harming many European countries.

Child abduction is seen by many as a strategy of forced ideological conversion, turning Muslim children into liberal atheists who can be more obedient citizens of the liberal secular state. This demonstrates, of course, how the celebrated religious and racial tolerance we hear about in many western countries are often simply empty slogans. This may not be a conscious lie from liberal seculars but rather the result of an ideology that cannot face the reality of how truly diverse beliefs (and worldviews) cannot be so easily forced into one legal and social system.

Perhaps not all children have been forced to eat pork, but how can Muslim children learn about their religion in secular or Christian households?

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The Outcome of Engineered Childcare

Many of the removed children end up getting raped by their hosts, facing suicidal inclinations, or dealing with drug addiction. On top of this, they have been cut from families and communities that would normally be there to support them.

Zainab Lateef reports the story of Nawal and her four sisters who were separated because the social worker claimed that they were “too tied to each other.” The younger girls have ended up with severe mental issues due to alienation. Similarly, Ola and her siblings were separated and only allowed to meet in the presence of a social worker. The reason given was that siblings were a risk to each other’s independent thinking.

Although the Swedish case is an extreme example, all centralized systems have discouraged autonomous social ties. As mentioned earlier, this applies to the relationship between a woman and her male guardians. But, also on a larger scale, family ties have been systematically dissolved for over a century. The prevalence of the nuclear family, the disappearance of customary laws, and the geographical distancing of extended family homes are all signs of this unfortunate change.

When families are stripped of their agency in raising children and being part of their community’s support system, they can easily become victims of a centralized authority that abuses its power and does not operate based on a strong sense of morality. In the current western context, authorities increasingly operate on the problematic idea that everyone (including minors) should be able to behave and express themselves as they want and feel in that moment. We all know that if that self expression counters the state’s beliefs and will, it will not be tolerated. Indeed, that’s in part why we find the placing of Muslim children in non-Muslim homes so suspicious and disturbing.

Islamic Parenting

It’s critical to note that we as Muslims have our own parenting standards that we should be unapologetic about. We instill chastity in our daughters, not to defend our honor, but because it is Allah’s command. We expect our children to obey us not because we own them, but because Allah has demanded us and them to do so. We raise our children as servants of Allah and not as followers of their own desires. And, we are permitted by the Sharia to discipline them with non-harmful spanking if necessary.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is reported to have said:

“Command your children to perform Salat (prayer) when they are seven years old, and hit them for (not offering) it when they are ten, and do not let (boys and girls) sleep together.” [Abu Dawud]

We’re not being merciful when we let our children skip praying Fajr just to wake up one hour later for school. Much depends on one’s strength of belief in Hellfire as a more severe punishment. We as Muslims are obligated to pass down faith before materialistic inheritance.

O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded.

(Quran, 66:6)

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The fact that liberal secular societies do not permit Muslims to raise their children according to their religious beliefs is the biggest violation of basic human rights and religious freedom that can be imagined.

Reconsidering Immigration Destinations

In this interview, Sonia Sherefay has tried to normalize the challenges faced by immigrants in Sweden. She explains how “the pyramid of authority” is reversed for those families because the children learn the local language at school while the parents lag behind. Western countries are further empowering children by encouraging their individualism.

If forced to leave your country, consider your ability to learn the local language to stay in control of your situation. Host countries expect you to integrate with their societies by their own standards. Sweden is not the only country with such racist family laws, so weigh your priorities and define the irreplaceable values that you live for.

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Allah’s Trials of Conflict

In Surat Al-Baqarah, Allah beautifully concludes the story of Talut’s army with a universal law:

So they defeated them by Allah’s Will, and David killed Goliath. And Allah blessed David with kingship and wisdom and taught him what He willed. Had Allah not repelled a group of people by ˹the might of˺ another, corruption would have dominated the earth, but Allah is Gracious to all.

(Quran, 2:251)

The recent incidents have demonstrated how corruption that has been going on for years was only pushed back by “the might of others.” Never expect the existence of peace in this world without the confrontational efforts of the righteous. It’s your duty as a Muslim, so stand up for what’s right.


  1. Björktomta, SB. Honor-Based Violence in Sweden – Norms of Honor and Chastity. J Fam Viol 34, 449–460 (2019), p. 7
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