Javed Ghamidi and the Ḥadīth Rejecter’s Trojan Horse

Let us analyse the following transcript of an interview with Javed Ghamidi. The interview can be accessed here.

Question: You have been accused of rejecting ḥadīth, especially the aḥādith in Ṣaḥīh Al-Bukhārī regarding the return of Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi ‘s-salām. Also, those aspects pertaining to women covering their heads.

Javed Ghamidi: This is a critique. I say in response to this critique that in order to form an opinion about someone, our Creator has made us responsible to do a thorough investigation and then make a statement.

What is being said about me in this regard is a clear lie and it is a clear slander. My book on Islām called Mīzān is available. It is in print; it is not hidden anywhere. You must be made aware that I have explained the entire Islām in it and there are more than 1200 narrations in it – more than 1200 aḥādīth.

I take responsibility for my words and say that there is no book that explains the entire religion of Islām which contains more aḥādīth in it.

Hence, this is simply a lie that is being spoken.

However, what is correct is that there are many narrations which I do criticize. This is not some crime that I have committed for the first time. In the world of knowledge and research, this is a historical record.

You should first understand what a ḥadīth is. Rasūlullāh ﷺ gave us the Qur’ān and the Sunnah. He handed this over to the Muslims. With agreement and consensus, the Muslims then passed this on to the next generation. The Muslims passed the Qur’ān on in its entirety from one generation to the next.

Rasūlullāh ﷺ read the Qur’ān out and those who could write, wrote it down. Those who could memorize it had memorized it. Thousands of ṣaḥābah raḍiyallāhu ‘anhum passed it on to hundreds of thousands of people, and then to millions. This is referred to as transferring or passing down something with ijmā’ (consensus) and tawātur (mass transmission).

In the same way, Rasūlullāh ﷺ had performed ḥajj according to the way of Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi ‘s-salām. He performed ṣalāh in the same way as the previous messengers. Moreover, he fasted according to their way.

So, the entire Sunnah has been passed down to us in the same way, in totality. In the last fourteen hundred years, there has been no year in which Muslims did not perform ḥajj. There has been no year in which the Muslims did not fast. There has been no day in which they did not perform five times ṣalāh. All this history is well-known. So, in the Qur’ān and the Sunnah, Allāh gave us the religion and Rasūlullāh ﷺ conveyed it to the world in its final form.

Now, Rasūlullāh ﷺ live in the world. Indeed, he fulfilled many responsibilities as the Messenger over the 23 years. During that time, people came to him and met with him. Now, as is the case with many great people, after all, he was the Messenger of Allāh, so people started to speak about him. Someone said that he went to meet him and he said such and such. Another person said that he was once delivering a sermon and said such and such. Another person said that he asked a certain question and this was the answer given. In this way, there were many different things narrated. What is this? This is the record of the knowledge and practice of Rasūlullāh ﷺ. People narrated this. Because people narrated it, that is why there were so many discussions and debates about it.

There are many such things in this record, that when a scholar had seen it, he understood and felt that it is incomprehensible. Some things were found to be contrary to the Noble Qur’ān. It was found that the actions of some narrators were not correct. They used to invent things and fabricate lies. Thereafter, there were scholars that adopted this field as their work. They then studied all the reports and critiqued them. Many people were narrating these reports. They selected them and began compiling books. They weighed the reports, critiqued them and even rejected some. They accepted many things. This is what is found in Ṣaḥīh Al-Bukhārī and Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim. These were works done by human beings. Just as it was permitted to critique something back then, it is also permitted to critique them even today. Hence, in this historical record, there are some things that I have critiqued and criticized. However, as a result of this, if I become a ḥadīth rejecter, then it was first Imām Bukhārī who did this, he selected a few thousand from hundreds of thousands.

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Response to Javed Ghamidi

Javed Ghamidi’s ‘response’ contains numerous lies and factual inaccuracies, carefully layered within his speech and presented to unsuspecting Muslims in order to deceive them.

In his fanciful narrative, Javed Ghamidi employs a Trojan Horse fallacy so he can reject aḥādīth while trying to make it seem as though he’s not really doing anything wrong. He simply invents this twisted ‘Historical Record’ ruse so he can try and get away with boldly attacking the blessed Sunnah of Rasūlullāh ﷺ.

The previous Messengers are in complete agreement with Rasūlullāh ﷺ regarding beliefs (such as Tawḥīd, the necessity of following the Messenger of the time etc). However, the practices and subsidiary rulings of each religion differed. Javed Ghamidi very deceitfully alleges that the Sunnah is something that was present in the religions of every previous Messenger and remains unchanged. This is nothing but a baseless lie against Rasūlullāh ﷺ and the previous Anbiyā’ (Prophets).

Javed Ghamidi also makes other ridiculous statements, such as his claim that his book ‘Mīzān’ contains of the greatest number of narrations found in any book on Islām. A mere cursory glance at easily accessible famous works will reveal this as a complete lie. Basic collections of ḥadīth like Riyāḍ Aṣ-Ṣāliḥīn, compiled by Imām Nawawī raḥimahullāh, contain far more narrations than the Mīzān of Javed Ghamidi. Ṣaḥīh Al-Bukhārī (a ḥadīth collection which Ghamidi himself refers to in his ‘response’) – even excluding the repetitions, contains more than double the number of narrations in Ghamidi’s Mīzān!

In his explanation of this ‘Historical Record’ theory of his, Javed Ghamidi is pulling the wool over the eyes of the listeners and ensnares them with his fabricated definitions of ḥadīth and sunnah. As part of his attack upon the sunnah and ḥadīth, he tries to make it out as though the ṣaḥābah raḍiyallāhu ‘anhum would basically go around concocting random things and attributing them to the Prophet ﷺ! Yet, what is the difference between the transmission of the Noble Qur’ān, which he accepts, and the transmission of this ‘Historic Record’, which he so brazenly rejects? They were both transmitted by the same people! We seek Allāh’s protection from ever accepting or uttering such nonsensical drivel. May Allāh Ta’ālā be well pleased with all of the ṣaḥābah. Āmīn.

Throughout history there were of course many people who did fabricate lies and attribute them to Rasūlullāh ﷺ. However, the Muḥaddithūn – the greatest masters of the sciences of ḥadīth – developed and established sciences and rigorous methods of ḥadīth verification in order to distinguish the true from the false. But what about Ghamidi? What exactly were the principles utilised by Ghamidi when selecting his 1200 narrations?

Ghamidi says that historically, scholars sifted through the ḥadīth corpus. But which scholars of the Ummah have scrutinized his Mīzān and accepted it? Which scholars have reviewed and agreed with his views regarding which aḥādīth should be accepted and which aḥādīth should be rejected? Which scholars have surveyed his methodology and approved of it?

What about all the reports which have been authenticated and accepted before the arrival of Javed Ghamidi? Why is it that the Muḥaddithūn, being the greatest experts in the sciences of ḥadīth transmission and authentication, don’t agree with Ghamidi’s assessment in rejecting whatever ḥadīth he feels like discarding?

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Another absurd claim that Javed Ghamidi makes in trying and justify his rejection of aḥādīth is his accusation that even Imām Bukhārī raḥimahullāh would reject aḥādīth just like he does.

First of all, Imām Bukhārī raḥimahullāh didn’t discard every ḥadīth which he didn’t include in Ṣaḥīh Al-Bukhārī – in fact Ghamidi seems to be completely unaware that Imām Bukhārī raḥimahullāh actually also compiled other ḥadīth collections too. Also, when Imām Bukhārī raḥimahullāh did reject a narration, it was done via the principles of ḥadīth authentication and rejection (e.g., if a known fabricator of ḥadīth narrates something).

Compare this to how Javed Ghamidi haphazardly rejects aḥādīth because they conflict with things like liberalism, feminism, and his deficient understanding of the Qur’ān.

It is truly shocking how such a short ‘response’ could be littered with so many lies, factual inaccuracies, misrepresentations and deception.

May Allāh Ta’ālā save us from such deceit and falsehood. Āmīn.

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I’m surprised this person was given a platform on this blog. Such a shallow review of Javed Ghamdi it almost makes a saint out of him. Please address Javed Ghamdi’s arguments and stop trying to smear him. I do not agree with Javed Ghamdi on many issues but he is a learned Muslim who shall be afforded the dignity of a worthy response and no person should doubt the intention of another Muslim. Javed Ghamdi as with many others only seeks to find the truth.


Javed Ghamdi is a hadith rejecting dajjal, only a little far off from Ghulam Qadiyani. It is beyond a joke to call him a learned Muslim.

Many scholars have torn his “arguments” apart!

No one is doubting his intentions. This is a very clever straw man by fanboys like you. If his “argument” has carefully weaved fallacies, then exposing those APPARENT fallacies is not trying to dive into his heart.


We rule on the apparent. With your stupid logic, even the “intentions” of the Ismailis or Qadiyanis cannot be shown.

When the apparent has such dubious fallacies and heresies, it is not called peeping into someone’s intentions. We only rule on the apparent.


Btw, care to explain how or why he uses the surname Ghamdi?

Anti takfiri

Glad to see someone else already owning this pathetic excuse for a blog. Not only is the critique flimsy and full of holes – in trying to show Ghamidi lied, the author ends up lying himself. The irony.

Not once has he bothered going into which criteria Ghamidi uses for Hadith and how he differentiates Sunnah from it. It’s a very simple and logical distinction.

Then he makes the strawman argument that books of hadith have more hadith than Mizan when this wasn’t the assertion etc etc.

Mashhood Irfan

With all due respect, you should have sought answers to the questions you raised on Javed sahab’s viewpoint through thorough research before attempting to ridicule him with questions. Anyone who has understood Javed sahab can easily respond to your criticism of his ideology, even if they do not agree with him because your criticisms are so weak.

Aadil Ahmad Ganaie

Check his nonsense logic regarding Music is Halal.
Absurdity. I don’t know how come u trust such a pseudo Scholar.


Anti takfiri

Looks like y’all are super insecure of Ghamidi. And you should be. He’s way more learned and logical. Very solid arguments in the response he gave. In fact, your critique is bogus. Strawmanship at its finest. Where’s a non hadith book with more hadith references? Can’t even translate or get the context of the interview – feeble and dishonest.
Imam Bukhari did reject tons of hadith. This is fact. To ignore it and claim he noted down all the hadith he rejected is false. Why lie?


I have known Ghamidi for a long time, many Urdu speaking people have criticised every word of him and made long playlists of him and his principles and where are they coming from, and the author has done a good job translating and putting forward it in context, this is a short critic of him so expect a long explanation, Ghamidhi is a deviant and a hadith rejector, as for being logical, rejectors of Creator also claim to be logical.


Is Ghamidi a Muhaddiith? I’m pretty sure he is not….

Unless someone is a Muhaddith then they can come forward if they can find weakness in the criteria adopted by Imam Al Bukhari…

Ghamidi should fear Allah and make a sincere Tawbah….

Otherwise I am very sorry to say that rejection of Ahadiths can lead to be excommunicated outside the fold of Islam…

So Ghamidi Bhai Khuda Ka Khauf Karo….


The Prophet himself forbade anyone from writing anything from him besides the Quran or else his Ummah would be led astray like the previous Ummah.


There are things that I don’t agree with Ghamidi, but sadly as this blog tried to point out some of his wrong views, the blogger does the same in the process.

“Javed Ghamidi also makes other ridiculous statements, such as his claim that his book ‘Mīzān’ contains the greatest number of narrations found in any book on Islām.” A Simple read of his interview and he never said what you insinuated.

May Allāh Ta’ālā save us from such deceit and falsehood and misquoted claims.


You misunderstood the whole comment.

Firstly, have you read/seen his book Meezan?

Secondly, what he meant is the fact that he has written a book explaining Islam and in that there are Hadiths which are well above 1200 in number. He never claimed his book is a Book of Narrations.

What I understood, which was quite clear, was that he was saying he has used 1200 Hadiths from numerous Hadith books in his book Meezan, so to say, he is a Hadith rejector, is not a great claim.


Ghamdhi has a usool in case of accepting hadith , he doesn’t accept those hadith that are transferred by one person only or that what any sahabee saw Prohhet sallallahu alaihi wasallam doing on his own and later people coming to know it , Ghamdhi saying that bukhari rejected hadith like he does is non sense as Ghamdi rejects hadith based on his usool but Bukhari the greatest haith scholar rejects based on the transmission . And he had many books that had collected also weak ones .


For the claim you have made, do provide a link to one of his videos explaining why he doesn’t accept a certain hadith with respect to Imam Bukhari because I would like to look into your claim and see it for myself.

Secondly, it doesn’t have any relation to what I wrote. I never said I like Ghamidi or don’t like him. I pointed out a weak argument that the author made, which I replied to, so it would be better if you could reply to the point of what I mentioned in the first place.



I would say u go throught the video provided by the author and listen to it carefully and then go for other things , he clearly says that 1200 hadith are greatest collection that complete explaining islam that no one has done till he came. That in itself means that all other hadith that are not in his book are not needed including all the hadith in bukhari , use some r logic bro. As for his usul of his how he rejects hadith has never been done by any one , and u can see his youtube channel


Do u know Ghamdhi before this article or do u know urdu or have you seen great scholars rejecting his false narrative or are u expert in islamic science. Or have you see many videos that shows how ghamdhi works . His beliefs are contrary to ahle sunnah. If u are not from ahle sunnah , its ok to follow him , Guidence is from Allah.


Indeed Guidance is from Allah and may Allah guide us all to the right path.

I know Ghamidi well before this article and Alhamdullilah, I am well versed in the Urdu language to read what he writes or listen to what he says.

Lastly, can you please define Ahle Sunnah?

What I think – If believing in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet is the definition of it, then certainly, every Muslim is directly an Ahle Sunnah.

Mention other beliefs of him that are contrary, if you can.


Abu Hurairah said many fabricated Hadiths and some truthful ones – often to please the authorities of his time. He was physically assaulted by Umar Bin Al Khattab for uttering the hypocritical shahada – La Ilaha IL Allah Muhammadar Rasul Allah – the foundation of Sunnism or for saying that the universe was created in seven day. The original kalimat ash shahadatein was La Ilaha il Allah Wahdahu La Sharik Allah. He passed most of these fake Hadiths from the Jewish rabbi Ka’ab Al Ahbar.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jose

Very disappointed by such a unacademic criticism. To reject ghamidi you also lied about ghamidi. I would suggest you meet with Ghamidi and learn something from him.


Regarding the Ghamidi claim that his book contain more Ahadith than any other book which describes the whole islam. He is saying that the books which describe the Whole islam like his book Meezan which describes complete Islam, in these books there is no such book on islam which contains more Ahadith than his book.

Mashhood Irfan

Please tell me which other book which attempts to explain the “whole of Islam” like Mizan has more ahadeeth? Should in case your claim be correct, I will inform Javed sahab and you can rest be assured, he will be more than willing to publicly correct himself.


Subhan Allah, such a good article with an easy-to-understand Islamic critique of Ghamdi yet people still fail to understand.

Alhamdulilah I’m happy I’ve understood the argument.


May I ask the Mufti about his own words. He states:
“The previous Messengers are in complete agreement with Rasūlullāh ﷺ regarding beliefs (such as Tawḥīd, the necessity of following the Messenger of the time etc). However, the practices and subsidiary rulings of each religion differed.”

You say “each religion”. You’re saying every Messenger came with a different religion? Are you sure you don’t mean a different shari’ah?