Tamagotchi Babies: Metaverse’s New Man-Made Horror and the Islamic Alternative

Metaverse is in the early stages of introducing yet another man-made horror, AI (artificial intelligence) babies:

According to an expert on artificial intelligence, would-be parents will soon be able to opt for cheap and cuddle-able digital offspring.

This is absolutely insane. Every time I think that Mark Zuckerburg is done with the Metaverse, something else pops up, even more outrageous than ever before. This new gimmick is another obvious push in favor of transhumanism. But instead of the usual sinister scheme of merging humans with technology, Catriona Campbell, the artificial intelligence ‘expert,’ decided to take it up a notch. She advocated for entirely artificial human babies, eerily dubbing them the ‘Tamagotchi generation.’

But, how would these abominations even work?

Campbell says virtual children will look like you, and you will be able to play with and cuddle them. They will be capable of simulated emotional responses as well as speech, which will range from “googoo gaga” to backchat, as they grow older.

Apart from this, there is a plan to throw haptic feedback into the mix. Haptic feedback in this case refers to the use of gloves that will deliver specific vibrations to a user’s hands in order to simulate different kinds of situations. For example, if someone is climbing a mountain in the metaverse (with none of the actual scenic or health benefits of climbing an actual mountain), these gloves would create a sensation of rocks being grabbed by the user through controlled vibrations. This is supposed to make the experience feel more ‘real’:

Ms Campbell believes that people will one day be able to use high-tech gloves that are able to deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations.

On top of this, they plan to use advanced CGI and animation techniques to render graphics that would make these digital creatures visibly indistinct from real babies. However, will this endeavor, even with all the advanced technology the world will have to offer 50 years from now, be successful in accomplishing what it sets out to accomplish, i.e., replace real life? The answer, unsurprisingly, is no.

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No matter how much technology improves, any ‘life-like’ AI machines they come up with will always be lifeless. This is simply because they lack a soul. A lifeless fetus in the mother’s womb comes alive only when a soul is breathed into it. And when that same soul is extracted at its fated time of death, that same body returns to being lifeless once again. These virtual babies don’t have this. They will always be the transhumanist’s attempt at mimicking and mocking the Power of Allah. However they’ll never be able to even come close to replicating it.

The allure and appeal that these babies have and offer is exactly what transhumanism aims for. Relief from responsibility. And this can be seen from the justification these AI experts are giving for their digital atrocities (same Guardian article linked at the top):

Think of the advantages: minimal cost and environmental impact. And less worry – though you might want a bit of that programmed in for a more authentic parental experience.

That’s right. No hard work required whatsoever. No need to work and earn a living for the kids, and forget about having to put up with nonstop crying and temper tantrums. Forget about having to put up with their rebelliousness when they turn into teenagers, or having to worry about their futures. Forget about all the responsibility and focus only on the immediate temporary pleasing aspect of this experience: the augmented cute and cuddliness. Only, the cuteness is in the form of fake CGI and the cuddliness is basically you grasping empty air through your haptic gloves.

And this is essentially what transhumanism aims for. They exploit the desirous side of humans, the side that simply seeks temporary pleasures, the side that is egged on by Shaytan. And that desirous side fails to see the long term harms of their actions, only wanting the next dopamine hit. In a natural parent-child relation, it is the parent who provides for the child, who nurtures the child, and who carries out self-sacrificial acts for the child. Whereas in the Metaverse this script is flipped. It is the digital baby who now has to provide fake joy, happiness, and entertainment for their ‘parent’ consumers. It is the task of this cybernetic child to take care of its lonely parents, for a monthly fee of course, through unreal simulations, in order to deliver them from reality.

While real Muslim parents show gratitude to Allah for the children they have been blessed with, these Metaverse parents will always be complaining about bugs in their digital kids. They’ll always want and pay for more features and more updates, because of course nothing can truly substitute a real child. And also because these parents will have the mind of a consumer.

This is one of the penultimate goals of the transhumanist agenda: To turn humans into isolated mindless wage slave consumers. No wife or husband. No children or family. Just the product.

Another defense for this meta baby is as follows:

“Make no mistake that this development, should it indeed take place, is a technological game-changer which, if managed correctly, could help us solve some of today’s most pressing issues, including overpopulation.”

Overpopulation? Is the idea that if people have meta babies, their desire for real babies will go to zero, and people will not reproduce?!

It should be noted, of course, that overpopulation is a fake problem. In fact the exact opposite is a problem, with not just fertility rates, but also birth rates in the U.S. and all over the world at an all-time low. Men and women just aren’t getting married and starting families anymore, opting instead for independent promiscuous lifestyles filled with abortions. So it wouldn’t make sense for people to actually consider overpopulation as a real concern. However, despite that, here’s a concerning statistic from the U.K.:

Nearly one in eleven (9%) adults who don’t have kids say they were concerned that the planet is already overpopulated and 5% say they worried about the impact having children would have on climate change and the environment.

To erase a loving relationship such as marriage, and replace it with synthetic love is yet another goal of transhumanism. This is a goal that, according to the above statistics, seems to be having quite an impact in the West. And one of the ways they accomplish this is through fearmongering. Scare tactics are employed by exaggerating the consequences of problems such as overpopulation and the ‘carbon footprint of having a child.’

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And look at just how addictive these things can become. Here’s a horrifying case from way back in 2010:

South Korean police have arrested a couple for starving their three-month-old daughter to death while they devoted hours to playing a computer game that involved raising a virtual character of a young girl.

If this kind of technology could be so addictive back then, imagine what it could do now, or 50 years from now.

But another concern that needs to be raised here is that this technology won’t only be restricted to babies. They can start making entire digital adult humans, of any size and proportions. Consider how much the pornography industry would thrive in such a scenario. They could end up making 3D-CGI based digital women for young men, and perhaps even supplement this with haptic feedback devices that go onto their genitals, for maximum stimulation. All in the name of making it more ‘real’ and ‘authentic.’ Of course, this would be nothing more than glorified masturbation, but one can imagine just how dangerously addictive it could get. And the target wouldn’t just be restricted to the brothers, but sisters as well. It would be just as easy to make virtual male characters with their own haptic devices. The doors of Fitnah that could be opened up by such technology is something truly dreadful and frightening. And Allah’s refuge is sought.

And again, I cannot stress this point enough. No matter how ‘realistic’ it gets, no matter how many features and devices they add, it will never be anything close to reality. It will always leave the user empty and depressed. Think about how much depression prevails already due to such online addictions. This would be multiplied a thousandfold in the Metaverse.

But if one simply takes away all the illusions and all the opinions of these transhumanist ‘experts,’ it’s very easy to make a comparison between a child born through natural means and a program. Take these two scenarios for instance.

A Muslim man and a woman decide to get married. Through hard work, responsibility, and devotion, they both carry out the duties designated to them by Allah based on their genders. This fosters real authentic love between the two, and a desire to have a child. They conceive through Halal intimacy, the woman becomes pregnant, and after forty days (or 120 days according to another narration), a soul is breathed into the baby, giving it REAL life.

In the end, this baby is born naturally, while being welcomed into the world by loving parents. The child will gradually learn about the world around him, interact with his parents, and grow. He will develop a real consciousness and awareness of his surroundings. As they age, his Fitrah (innate nature) will make him incline towards pondering over this life, and ask his parents interesting questions. Will this require hard work on the part of the parents? Yes, raising children is no easy feat. Those who have children already know this, and those who don’t can simply look to the work their own parents put in as a testament to this fact. Is this hard work worth it though? Yes, absolutely. It’s what our Fitrah truly wants.

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Contrast the above scenario with a Muslim that has turned into lonely dejected degenerate living in the Metaverse, seeking only to please himself. Every second outside the Metaverse feels like an eternity of boredom, and they can’t wait to plug back in. To escape from reality and their responsibilities. The lonely out-of-shape man now wants a kid. Or alternatively, the lonely middle-aged feminist is finally tired of her virtual cats – her real cats died because she forgot to feed them, as the Metaverse is just oh-so immersive. Either or both biologically crave a child and a family. So, what do these lonely Muslims do? Pay for an all-new limited edition discounted monthly subscription for their very own Tamagotchi kid, of course! Nothing better than soulless digital lines of code to replace that emptiness in their hearts.

As they begin to play nothing more than a virtual game with this program, devoid of any real love or devotion, their crippling depressions will be momentarily satiated. This AI program, supplemented with its CGI, haptic feedback, and advanced machine learning software is nothing more than a mockery of the life that Allah has Power over, and will not even fill an inch of the huge void within their chests. But, this transhuman monstrosity is what they have picked over what Allah had given them, and so they quietly suffer for it. As the baby chants ‘goo-goo gaa-gaa’ in an eerie human-esque voice, and their ‘parents’ grab nothing but empty air with their high-tech gloves, they get faint glimpses into the past. The man imagines how his life may have been if he had worked out and been manlier, if he hadn’t heeded the advice of his fellow female feminist friend. The feminist on the other hand, thinks on how her life would’ve been if she hadn’t traded a loving husband for that dust covered liberal arts degree. All because they chose to escape from a life with responsibilities that Allah gave them into an irresponsible world of fantasy which reaps nothing but misery.

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Zaid Diaz

Excellent article!
Also Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” aims to robotize and homogenize humans under the command of one person or entity, and this is also dangerous. They want a homogeneous dystopia for us.
BEVs are supposedly reducing Carbon emissions but it is impossible to entirely nullify emissions because back-end pollutions still exist. Also the BEV and infotainment craze has caused a shortage in essential materials, and the search for alternative materials wil


Horrible! May Allah protect us.