The NY Times has been publishing a lot of trash lately about Muslims and sex. What is their fascination with Muslim sex lives?

The problem for them is that Muslims are the last vestige of sexual morality in today’s world. They can’t stand that. They want everyone to be on their low level. So they try to drag us in the mud. They try to call us hypocrites because if we aren’t wallowing in filth like they are, that must mean we are hiding something (hence the incessant references to pornography viewership in Muslim countries, for example).

Sad, guilt-ridden people like Mona Eltahawy, only the latest in a long line of native informant stooges, wants to unburden herself by telling us how much sex she is having and encouraging others to follow her lead. Misery loves company, of course. But it never occurs to Eltahawy that not all Muslim women are as insecure and in need of validation as she is. And not all Muslim women are stupid enough to think that making their bodies available for casual sex is “revolutionary” or “liberating.” Not only do I not want to hear the grotesque details of her sex life (talk about TMI), I have a hard time understanding how anyone else would either, other than the perverted voyeurs at the NY Times and their obsession with what Muslims are doing behind close doors, an obsession they disguise as sophisticated, high-minded cultural commentary. You’re not fooling anyone.