France Wants to Eradicate Islam From Education: Is There Any Future for Muslims in France?

Hijrah (migrating) is the only viable option for French Muslims.

I have been encouraging Muslims to leave France since 2015, when I converted to Islam. Unfortunately the status quo has not changed much since then. Liberal Muslims continue to accuse pro-Hijrah Muslims of being “unreasonable” and “paranoid” (despite some of them secretly having left France long ago according to some sources).

We have repeatedly stated that France’s ultimate plan is to eradicate Islam, to ban all forms of hijab in public (even in the streets) and to force Muslims to apostatise. They believed this to be some sort of far-fetched conclusion.

They thought it was impossible that France would ban the niqab, only to be proven wrong.

They thought that France would never ban the hijab for minors. Oops, looks like they were wrong with that one too.

They thought that France would never prohibit homeschooling, and⁠—yes you guessed right⁠—they were wrong again.

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This is how they justified Muslim presence within France. They said it was not an issue for women not being allowed to wear hijab in public schools since homeschooling was still an option. Now that France has made it almost impossible to homeschool your children, they claim it this is not a problem either since Muslims can still build private schools…

Well, let’s examine just how well this alternative option is working for them.

Averroes High School was built in Lilles in 2003, after some hijabi sisters were banned from public schools. The Averroes school board did everything necessary to meet the state’s compliance regulations in order to be able to perpetuate their activity. They eventually performed excellently and, in 2013, were elected the best French High School.

Despite their amazing accomplishments, the state refuses to provide the public subsidies that all high schools normally receive.

BMFTV reports:

For the second consecutive year, the regional majority led by the LR boss of the Region, Xavier Bertrand, rejected Tuesday in the permanent committee a deliberation for the payment of the annual externship package. For 2020-2021, it is 287,000 euros.

The same scenario played out for the payment of the 2019-2020 allocation, the Region going as far as the Council of State to avoid its payment. But her appeal was rejected last June, and according to Xavier Bertrand’s firm, she ended up paying the funds for this period, of 274,000 euros.

Tuesday’s vote follows a decision in July by the Lille administrative court, which had ordered the Region to reconsider its implicit refusal to pay the funds to the school, recalling “the serious doubt as to the legality of this refusal”.

“Bis repetita: these are the same decisions followed by the same appeals as for the sums due for the year 2019-20”, underlined Nef Naf, accusing the Region of “playing the clock so that the association which manages the high school does bankruptcy”, at the risk “of disrupting the education of 400 students”.

“If the state has anything to reproach the school for, it should denounce the contract” which binds it with the private Muslim high school, he said. Otherwise “the Region is legally bound to pay these subsidies”.

When taking the context into consideration, this state decision actually demonstrates the cruel and brutal nature of these secular Islamophobes. Averroes High School did its very best to adhere to republicanism for all these years, and yet they are still treated as barbaric Islamists.

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For instance, just take a look at how the high school’s students even paid homage to General De Gaulle during out-of-school activities:

When Samuel Paty was brutally killed during 2020, they went as far as organizing a tribute to honor his name. All of this shows how they were desperately trying to assimilate into France and to adopt its values.

However, this is simply not sufficient for an uncompromising France, a country that wishes to stamp out any type of godly allegiance towards the true religion of Islam.

Now that all of this has been made evidently clear, what do you think will happen to the French republican Muslims who swear it is still possible to practice Islam on French soil?

Do you honestly believe that in a few years, enrolling your daughters within a Muslim school will still be an actual possibility?

The hearts of such people are torn between their love for their supposed land and their love for Islam. Their unwavering persistence, constant justification and the endless excuses employed by them to stay in France vividly demonstrate where their priorities lie.

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You will never be french enough for them.
Even without religion.
Without a beard (even if it’s just for fashion and it’s trimmed)
Without wearing clothes of Islam or anything remotely associated with Arabs.
Without speaking one word of Arabic or any french dialect that sounds like an french Arab.
If you are not WHITE, LIBERAL, ISLAMOPHOBE (true fear from them). You are not French for them.
And accept any “values” and “progress” they come up every few months (trans, gay).


Do you know, in Sri-lanka, halal meat is forbidden? Do you know muslim funeral pray and muslim burial is not allowed? Do you know Angola banned to build Mosque?
But world Muslim’s don’t have time to take a look there. They’re busy only for big-fish, as perhaps it cast enough site-view, enough noise.
Isn’t it hypocrisy?


Assalamualaikum,I’m from sl-kalutara district- I didn’t know halal meat was banned? are you absolutely sure?what area are you from?

Ahmad (another Ahmad)

Can you post references for what you claim. That’s even more bluntly harsher than the Chinese campaign against Uighurs.

Zaid Diaz

Didn’t know about halal meat not being allowed in Sri Lanka, but I did hear about Muslim funerals being banned there. Also, I didn’t know about Angola’s decision to ban mosques… a European country named Slovakia still refuses to allow a mosque, whereas the atheist Czechia has a couple of mosques :3


Source where halal meat is forbidden in sri lanka?


I’m so sorry for what you guys are going thru. Do they force muslims to apostate as well?
Cuz i saw a fb group of sri lankan ex-Muslims and the members are quite a lot. The posts made my blood boil.
May Allah keep you and your family safe.

Last edited 1 month ago by Afia

France is the country with the highest tax-to-GDP ratio in the whole world, which means that the government “squeezes” its population like a sponge in order to finance its gigantic public spending(=government spending).We are talking about the most intrusive and liberticidal bit government in the whole western world.It’s no surprise that they want to ban homeschooling, they consider the population as their slaves and their children as government property.


France is the country with the highest tax-to-GDP ratio in the whole world, which means that the government “squeezes” its population like a sponge in order to finance its gigantic excesive public spending(=government spending).We are talking about the most intrusive and liberticidal government in the whole western world. It’s no surprise that they want to ban homeschooling, they consider the population as their slaves and their children as government property.

Last edited 1 month ago by Takeshi

Basic human rights of assembly, association, freedom of religion and freedom to educate one’s own children are thrown out the window and people in France still think that they live in a free country. This does not only affect Muslims in France, I believe french people all together should leave that country in the long run because the future seems similar to what happened in the soviet union…

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Believer Anon

The true ugliness of Secularism and Liberalism seems to be more apparent in France than in other countries that follow those ideologies.

Ankur Garg

But do Islamic countries respect other religions and afford as much freedom to their practitioners as they expect Western countries to afford Muslims living there? The answer is no.

Believer Anon

There is a problem with the title, for It is impossible to “eradicate” Islam. Every nation that tried to stop this religion failed in the end.

Citizen of the Kingdom of God

My personal prediction for France is that it will fragment into a secular French republic and some Islamic states. I don’t know what the wisdom is of expecting a secular country to become religious.