Keep It Up! UK Muslims Shut Down LGBT Propaganda at Four Schools

The UK Muslim community has proven itself to be a model for Western Muslims at large, at least when it comes to pushing back against the LGBT cultural behemoth ravaging society.

Daily Mail:

Four more Birmingham primary schools have halted equality lessons after Muslim parents complained they were promoting homosexuality.

Leigh Trust has suspended its No Outsiders programme until an agreement with parents can be reached.

A number of schools across the Midlands have been involved in the sessions which discuss various issues surrounding the Equalities Act such as gender rights.

Earlier this month Parkfield Community School in Birmingham suspended the lessons after protests were held outside the school.

One campaigner Amir Ahmed highlighted that Muslims had felt ‘victimised’ by the lessons. However an LGBT group leader rebutted the claim and said that the programme was helping pupils at the school understand that it was ok to be different from their classmates.

This is how the rectum sex propagandists operate. They try to make Muslims seem like they are opposing “equality” and “tolerance for difference.” Unfortunately, in America, some Muslims have fallen for this tactic hook, line, and sinker.


Let’s be clear: There is no equivalence between sodomite fetishism and healthy sexuality between husband and wife after nikah. The former is a depraved act that debases a human being in every way, spreads moral decay, transforms society into a cesspool of degeneracy and base lust (as the Quran describes with Qawm Lut). The latter is the basis of love and mercy between two halves, man and woman, committed to each other, being fruitful with each other in nourishing a family that becomes the building block of a flourishing society as God Almighty intended.

Leigh Trust has yet to comment publicly regarding the halting of classes but has said that it wants to discuss the programme with parents in order to find a ‘positive way’ of teaching about the Equalities Act.

Some parents whose children attend the schools affected have claimed that the lessons are inappropriate for young children and that the LGBT message contradicts Islam.

This is how the secular state indoctrinates its populace. We are supposed to believe that the liberal secular state respects religious differences and refrains from imposing one set of beliefs on all. Of course, this is impossible in principle. Yet, even in practice, there is no semblance of neutrality when it comes to LGBT beliefs. All must enthusiastically accept the LGBT creed. All children must learn the LGBT creed at a young age so they can grow up to be true devotees of the LGBT religion. Any blaspheming of the LGBT tenets will result in severe punishment. And any low, obstinate disbeliever had better prepare for a life of abject perdition.

One of the leaders of the Parkfield protests told the BBC that he thought the programme was ‘outrageous’ after watching a presentation about the programme which was to be shown to the governments Prevent strategy – which is aimed at combatting radicalisation.

Mr Ahmed said: ‘It’s quite disgusting that the school has presented our children as potential radicals.’

Teaching Muslims LGBT and promoting “LGBT-friendly Islam” is a well known counter-radicalization tactic. These anti-Islam government agencies know that when a Muslim accepts LGBT, he is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from abandoning Islam entirely. This is one of the main reasons they are so insistent that Muslim children get anal sex lessons in elementary school.

Should we blame UK Muslims for not wanting their kids to turn out like these?

‘Fundamentally the issue we have with No Outsiders is that it is changing our children’s moral position on family values on sexuality and we are a traditional community.

‘Morally we do not accept homosexuality as a valid sexual relationship to have. It’s not about being homophobic… that’s like saying, if you don’t believe in Islam, you’re Islamophobic.’

The difference is, those who don’t believe in Islam are irrational and misguided. Those who don’t believe that LGBT is acceptable are perfectly rational, normal, healthy, people who still have some connection to their fitra.

This is while a gay Muslim activist who runs Birmingham South Asian LGBT, Khakan Qureshi, said he visited the Parkfield School last week and was supporting the lessons.

He said: ‘Myself and many others knew from a young age that we were different and we wish we had this sort of education’.

A small percentage of young children also have a fixation with their own feces (scatolia, coprophilia) and have a tendency to want to dig into it and smear it on themselves and others, or even eat it. These children are indeed “different,” but then they realize that that behavior is not normal, and after some counseling, they grow out of it. But maybe we should provide elementary school children with classes on how it’s perfectly ok to play with feces just so that small percentage of scat-fixated kids feel good about themselves.

‘The attitudes of the protesters towards the No Outsiders programme is completely homophobic,’ he said.

‘No matter how they package it, it still comes across as homophobic.’

Yup, we are totally homophobic. Nothing wrong with being afraid of this:

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JazakALLAH Khair ‘Daniel’ for this informative website. May ALLAH accept your work and grant you higher reward. Aamin

Dillon Forst

I’m a Christian and I love this article . You know what . I’m homophobic. I’m tired of hiding from the insult .

Dillon Forst

Coming out as a homophobic


Homophobic word is more propaganda from LBGTQXYZ activists. The more they push their propaganda…the more I push back. If that’s homophobia… I am proud to be. Fight the gay agenda. Protect our children from being recruited and molested by gays.


Preach, my friend.