The Great Reset: WEF’s Transhumanist Agenda Muslims Should Be Aware Of

We have all heard about the Great Reset.

This agenda for societal reform was propagated during the “pandemic” by the World Economic Forum. Here’s how they describe it on their own website:

Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

But what is this new social contract that WEF wants humanity to accept? And furthermore, does a single organization even have the power to make such a plan for the whole world, let alone carry it out?

Klaus Schwab, the founder and chief executive chairman of WEF has been championing the idea of humanity undergoing a fourth industrial revolution. And what he seems to think will follow the mechanical, electrical, and digital revolutions will be one that merges biology with technology. A transhumanist utopia that in his own words will challenge what it means to be human. Before moving onto exactly what this revolutionary ‘utopia’ might look like, let’s take a look at the backing this behemoth of an organization has.

Its partners include a variety of very well-known mega corporations. In the healthcare industry, names such as AstraZeneca, Biogen, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer appear. Hmm, I wonder what’s so familiar about these names… The immense amount of wealth hoarded by these companies at the expense of everyone’s health over the last two years might ring some bells.

And thinking about Schwab, it’s hard not to make the connection between his technocratic ideals and the hastily introduced mRNA technology, which rightfully spawned concerned voices all over the world regarding how this may be transformed into tracking technology, gene therapy, etc., leading to a system where one’s own genetic makeup could betray him. And sure enough, vaccine microchips have been proposed.

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WEF’s partners include too many megacorporations to list. So, I urge readers to check the ever-growing list here. The companies include automotive, aviation, banking, digital communications, media, entertainment, healthcare, oil, gas, and all kinds of technological industries.

Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Meta, which are all part of the Big Five American information technology companies that constitute Big Tech are also in bed with WEF. Facebook rebranded itself as Meta in October last year and unveiled its plans on popularizing the Metaverse and plans on having everyone addicted to it, even more than they already are to social media. Again, for the timing of Meta’s announcement to attempt such a big change to coincide with the pandemic that had people at the height of social isolation (just ready to accept such a change), seems too coincidental.

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How are private companies supposed to enact such a plan though? Surely, the government will keep them in check, right? Surely, the law and order of democratic societies will prevail, right?!

Such misplaced notions fall apart when one takes a step back from the corporations who have shook hands with WEF and looks at the popular and influential personalities that are working with this cult. Influential personalities such as Joseph Biden, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, and many others. All of these figures are at the helm of so-called democracy, leading Western civilization. Their eerily synchronized decisions hint to the possibility that they’re all centrally controlled by one major group with a world reform agenda.

Where WEF came from, how it reached its global scale, and how it methodically planned this rise by exploiting everything they could is a topic for a different article. In short, their main method is to dupe the masses into thinking that they live in a democracy, and furthermore, that this version of ‘democracy’ is something that must be applied to the whole world. This has been achieved by the gradual merging of government and mega corporations. By the privatization of government, and the governmentalization of private companies. So much so that the two have become indistinguishable.

It’s important to highlight that Islam agrees neither with democracy nor with WEF’s transhumanist disruption of society.

One ingredient seems to be missing though. And for that, we need to look at what the New York Times has to say about the concerns of experts regarding WEF’s New World Order:

A baseless conspiracy theory about the coronavirus has found new life as cases surge once again. On Monday morning, the phrase “The Great Reset” trended with nearly 80,000 tweets, with most of the posts coming from familiar far-right internet personalities. The conspiracy alleges that a cabal of elites has long planned for the pandemic so that they could use it to impose their global economic control on the masses.

A news site as credible as NYT dismissed all of this as a baseless conspiracy theory, so it all falls flat, right? There’s no hidden agenda to control people and turn them into obedient fearful puppets who believe only what they are told, right? Well, some of the media companies associated with WEF include Bloomberg, Yahoo, NBC, Sony Group, and yep, you guessed it, the New York Times.

So, the final piece of the puzzle is information control. Both in the form of news sites and the much bigger control exerted over Big Tech, as seen above. How can people rebel against an evil regime if they don’t even know they’re living in one?

This concept, the Great Reset, is something that has been in motion for decades now, and something that has been planned for even longer than that, but the strongest security belt it wears is the willful ignorance of people who are being affected by it.

Therefore, they have acquired the essential resources to reform society: power through states, money through capitalism, and trust through information control.

And by continuing to invest in technological advancements, they keep coming up with new ways to keep people addicted, distracted, and lazy. Addiction and distraction in the form of social media and entertainment, and laziness in the form of making life as physically easy and comfortable as possible.

This rush towards transhumanism will serve to remove people’s dependence on each other, and increase it on the state, and by extension, on groups like WEF.

What they’re also attempting is to try and break the strongest connection a Muslim can have, that is, his connection to Allah. Because the way of life that they want to introduce goes completely against Islam. A system where they want to be the so-called ‘gods’. The pharaohs. The same kind of people Allah has described as the worst of mankind. Those among men that are closest to Iblis. They think their technocratic dystopia can replace Islam.

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Muslims need to realize that the first step in combatting this is to know who our enemies are. And we need to remember that no matter how much these groups plan, how much they scheme and collaborate behind closed doors, how much power and money they accumulate, their final goals won’t be achieved.

And ˹remember, O Prophet,˺ when the disbelievers conspired to capture, kill, or exile you. They planned, but Allah also planned. And Allah is the best of planners. (8:30)

For Your Information…

Muslims involved with WEF:

Dalia Fahmy, former Yaqeen advisor, involved with numerous national Muslim American orgs.
Another Yaqeen advisor, pusher of filth through her ISPU, Obama admin stooge who pushed national security counter radicalization (CVE) against the Muslim community, and much, much more.


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Sunni Muslim

Find the PDF The story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman. Skip to page 103 to see what HG Wells wrote their desired world would look like a few decades ago. This plan has been in action for a very long time and it lines up completely with hadith about what the world will be like when Dajjal comes. You obey or you starve. The New World Order is coming, and we’re too busy watching Netflix and browsing social media to care.


We can’t do nothing about it.
The only thing we can do is to do good deeds and make Dua ask Allah for help and blessings and be a good example with our acts.


Even if we’d assume all this is done in good faith….it won’t work. Top down social reform movements have always replaced one set of problems with a new set of even worse problems. Whether communism, liberalism, feminism you name it.

China did and now its people are simply refusing to reproduce.

The same goes for the West. They prioritised shorth term GDP growth over long term healthy demographics. Fundamentally messing up their societies in the process.